Are you using Constant Contact for email marketing?

Want to get even better results from your email campaigns?

As Constant Contact’s Top Trainer Partner for several years, I can help!

Join the KENISEMAIL VIP Club to get even more out of your Constant Contact subscription.

Here's how it works:

Permit your subscription to be moved under my partnership with Constant Contact.

It does not change your relationship with them in terms of billing and/or technical support, but it would give me somewhat additional visibility into your account and they would see you're a client.

Full disclosure, if you do allow them to move your account under my partnership (I currently have over 370 accounts under my partner "umbrella"), they will pay me a small monthly commission.

I am told by clients who call Constant Contact's technical support that their people, knowing they're working through a key partner, get additional support.

To me that's anecdotal, but it may be helpful information.

Just send me an email from the email address you use on your Constant Contact account.

To make it easy for you, here’s a sample email to send to back to me (just copy and paste it!):


Dear Partner Support,

This is my authorization to move my Constant Contact account under KENISEMAIL.

My username is:
(enter your Constant Contact username here)

Thank you, (insert your name here)
(The name of the account owner listed on your Constant Contact account)


Please send the email to me at [email protected] (Note that I am not asking for your password, only your username.)

The process typically takes 3 business days.

I look forward to welcoming you as a VIP!