Ken's Inner Circle

If you want to learn how to do email marketing the right way, you'll get more out of working with a coach than by listening to podcasts, watching YouTube videos, or getting emails and trying to follow along.

That's why I created The Inner Circle.

The Inner Circle gets you access to me for an hour each month on a group call with other people who want to do what you want to do - make money with email marketing.

Since you're already using Constant Contact, when you join The Inner Circle, you'll learn best practices from a certified expert who is Constant Contact's Top Trainer/Partner.

As a member:

⭐ You'll get special VIP treatment by going to the front of the line when you have questions about email marketing.

⭐ You'll become part of my Inner Circle where I host monthly hour-long training classes, free.

⭐ You'll get access to my private Facebook group where I regularly post tools you can put to work right away.

⭐ You'll become part of the Inner Circle community, sharing ideas with other members 24/7.

⭐ I will teach you Constant Contact features you didn't know about.

⭐ You'll get support from one of Constant Contact's top trainers and a certified expert at no cost.

⭐ You'll get access to my private library of email marketing "best practice" videos I created just for you.

You will get answers. There is a Q&A every month for my Inner Circle members, and you get the chance to have your personal questions answered live by me.

All of this, free, just for joining the Inner Circle.

All you'll need to do is send me an email saying you want to join.

Ready to join?

Click here to join The Inner Circle at no additional cost